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Wedding plannings


Careful planning has always been a special tool to achieve perfection in everything that you do, especially if you are preparing for an event that shouldn’t be missed –wedding day. However, not all people tend to go through the meticulous phase of planning, which makes the big day seem lackluster due to lack of preparation. Here are some quick ways on how you can carefully plan for it without the hassles that it brings.

Be Financial Wise – First of all, your big day is never an excuse to splurge until your pocket drains. Set your budget and limit your expenditures to an amount that you can spend on. Avoid going the extra mile by applying for a loan just to have a grand wedding; the interest may cost the peace in your marriage. Remember, there are a lot of couples who achieved their dream weddings without spending too much; take a cue from them. Your cousin could be your photographer; members of the entourage can help with the décor; cookies and chocolates can pose as favors and desserts; and wedding invitations can be sent thru e-cards.

Set the Date – This part is very important. It doesn’t matter when the wedding will be, but make sure that you have enough time for the preparation. If you plan on doing everything on your own with your partner, give at least a year or 8 months for the planning and preparation of the event.

Timetable – Make a timetable for all the things that you need to prepare for the wedding day and all the tasks that you need to accomplish. Stick to the schedule so everything will be prepared and ready as expected.

Keep Records of Activities, Needs, Wants, and Actual Expenditures- Let’s face it: financial transactions are indispensable even during wedding days. The records can also guide you with the tasks you’ve accomplished and the things to be done.

Make a Sound Guest List – Your list of guest should be practical and reasonable. Remember, the more guests you invite, the more heads that you need to pay for the catering. Start with you and your partner’s immediate family members next are close relatives like cousins and then followed by close friends. Meanwhile, you are not obliged to invite your workmates unless you are capable of spending for the whole company.

Consider the Bigger Aspects of the Wedding First – The venue, dresses, facilitator, food and drinks, and the favors are bigger pictures in a wedding event that need to be looked into first. Will it be indoor or garden wedding? Should I rent or have my gown tailored? These all take time and smart decisions. On the one hand, you don’t have to fret in finding for the perfect gown these days because there are a number of online shops that sell gorgeous bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and even mother of the bride dresses at reasonable prices.

With careful planning, you are in for a perfect wedding day.

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Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, Philippines


Residents get ready for the greatly waited for festivity called the Sinulog Festival and “balikbayans” or the Filipinos coming from other countries and travellers are ready to go to voyage to Cebu and observe the outstanding party that takes place every single third Sunday of the initial month of the time.

Philippines boasts of so numerous fiestas. To identify a small number of them, Masskara Festival that happens in Bacolod City, and Panagbenga Fiesta in the city of Pines in Baguio City. Davao City, the land famous for the fruit Durian which is actually controversial due to its scent, also celebrates their own festival called the Kadayawan Festival and a whole lot more. Typically, fiestas are observed in respect of a patron saint or sometimes for blessings.

In the island of Cebu, it is for the duration of Sinulog that the residents of Cebu, called the Cebuanos, honour the banquet of Child Jesus or commonly called as Santo Niño. This has been supposed that the Child Jesus guards the entire area from normal disasters and further tragedies. In addition to this, the Cebuanos, in return, display their thankfulness to Sto. Niño by means of their devotion and piety particularly for the duration of its banquet day.

On the other hand, at the same time as there are perhaps a hundred anniversaries in the republic, Sinulog of Cebu is supposed to be an example of the utmost fruitful that at the same time as with non-Cebuanos look forward to this particular occasion.

The celebration in this leading island in the Central part of Visayas is split into two — the spiritual aspect and the celebration.

A novena that reaches up to nine days kicks off the celebration of Sinulog. Thousands reaching up to millions of devotees of Sto. Niño from exterior and inside Cebu grace the religious events of the occasion with their presence.

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Festivals in Cuba

SL0019_500pxAnyone who has been fortunate enough to spend a vacation trip to Cuba would definitely say that Cubans indeed know how to party. The island Cuba is a vivacious center of art, dance, music, and a blend of Caribbean and Spanish cultures which has increased the quantity of global festivals and yearly carnivals that certainly are real treats for travelers and locals alike.

There are a multitude of wonderful festivals and colorful events in Cuba which are definitely must-experience. Here are some events which you might consider if you are planning to visit Cuba:

Havana Carnival

As July comes, it is definitely carnival season in Cuba. Holidays on the island are so renowned due to this very reason. Carnival in Cuba highlights so many exciting and lively activities such as floats, processions, street parties, music, dancing, and definitely loads of Cuban rum. Each neighborhood in Havana creates their very own float for the Carnival and practices their routines for months. Tourists will surely be welcomed with a plethora of sound, colors, and night parties.

International Jazz Festival

Cuba is also known for its plenty jazz festivals. However, the biggest of all these festivals of Jazz music is the International Jazz Festival which is celebrated in Havana during February. Commencing as a small time local event at Casa de la Cultura de Plaza in the year 1978, this festival currently conducts events in nightclubs and theaters all over the place of Havana. This event is spearheaded by the famous Chucho Valdes, the artistic director of the festival.

Santiago de Cuba Carnival

Carnivals in Havana are indeed enormous events. However, the corresponding festival in Santiago de Cuba perhaps is potentially much better and bigger. The entire city appears to turn into a humongous conga line every July of each year. This carnival in the city entices the largest number of people on the Island. The parties on the street endlessly continue all night. Music, dance, and traditional Cuban dishes, as well as the vibrant street ornaments are surely enjoyed by the tourists and locals during Cuban holidays.

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